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Foldable wagons are manufactured with a collapsible frame that can be opened and closed when needed for convenient storage and use. The main requirement for a wagon, including a foldable wagon, is that it should be durable. Think back to wagons you see in old photos being pulled by horses, and you notice how strong they appear. Wagons had to be strong and reliable because that was the only way to travel, for both everyday use and also long distances.

Foldable wagons have reached all parts of everyday life, including gardening, walking exercise with the kids, outdoor community events, and general clean up duties around the yard or garage. The differences now than from a few years ago are the improved engineering of the folding mechanics, overall strength and durability, and many new accessories. Foldable wagons now have canopies, attached baskets, cup holders, reinforced stitching, and extra padding in the seating area.

There’s an important distinction between wagons and carts. Carts are usually pushed by the user, whereas wagons are normally associated with being pulled by the user or some other means. Wagons are usually heavier, but today wagons are becoming smaller, lighter, and more useful for everyday use. Foldable wagons can weight less than 30 pounds, or about the weight of a case of water bottles.

Manufacturers realize now that a foldable wagon is the perfect necessity for both families and small outdoor merchants. Of course, you can still find the toy versions that your kids can use in the backyard or around the house. However, some of the older versions made to pull the kids are really sort of obsolete now. My daughter still has an old toy version that she uses to pull her dolls on pretend trips. Unless you can fold it up and put in the closet or the back of the car, it really does not make any sense to have one of the old style wagons.

There are several versions of foldable wagons on the market, but I only recommend the On The Edge Folding Wagon. From just reading the reviews, you will realize that buying any other version will not meet your expectations. Our family has used this foldable wagon for a few years, and we are just as satisfied today as the day we bought it.

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Are you looking for a great fold and go wagon for your next outdoor family activity?

I know the importance of this decision because this is something you want to have in your family for a long time. You want a foldable wagon for a good price that exceeds your expectations. That’s true of any product, but especially products that you use with your kids, pets, or anything valuable you cannot carry long distances or for a long time.

The best fold and go wagon we have used in our family is the On the Edge Folding Utility Wagon. This has all of the features we wanted in a great product, and our kids absolutely love the space and comfort during our outdoor activities.

One of our most favorite activities is going on long walks along trails or parks. The easy canopy and attached storage basket make for a great additions to an already great product, and both come standard with the wagon. The basket is great for holding waters, snacks, or any items you need to quickly access. In the summer months, take extra clothes, sun screen, and towels to the water park, and it all fits nicely in the extra storage basket.

Other than the canopy and storage basket, which are great accessories and no additional cost, I have to call attention to the wheels and steering. It may sound weird to talk about the wheels, but this is an important part of the fold and go wagon. The cheaper fold and go wagon does not have the same durability, in my experience, and cannot make the same tight turns. The wheel system is part of the overall durability that was so important for me when deciding to make this purchase. Sometimes we use the wagon along trials at the park, and we have no concerns about the safety our kids. We love going places, and we always have the foldable wagon the back of the car.

If you are considering your own purchase of foldable wagon, then in addition to the durability and accessories, you need to also consider the weight and ease of use. The fold and go wagon weight about the same as a case of 16 ounce water bottles from the grocery store, which makes is easy to load and unload from the car. For ease of use, it cannot get an easier. To fold up, you pull on the strap and push in the sides, and to unfold you basically just release the Velcro and let the foldable wagon almost unfold itself.

There’s no reason to keep searching for a great foldable wagon.
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